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How to make money as a teenager in Uganda

How to make money as a teenager in Uganda. Hi there, are you a teen searching for a technique to make cash, or would you like just a bit of cash to add to your present cash? 

Listed below are the methods you are able to do it.

Now let’s dive in. Listed below are the ways how you can make money as a teenager. Look at what works for you.

How to make money as a teenager in Uganda

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1. Work at a coffee shop. 

The first step is working at a coffee shop. 

Coffee shops like Mcdonald’s and different retailers rent teenagers to do the serving of coffee or work as a barista. 

Along with your wage, you additionally earn tips.

2. Start a Youtube Channel

There has never been a better time to start a youtube channel like this one.

With your following, you can make some cash on youtube.

With your smartphone, you can make quality videos and upload them to your youtube channel.

3. Take Surveys

With survey sites like Swagbucks, you can make some money for upkeep. Swagbucks in particular has a referral program where you earn some points every time you refer a person.

These points can later be exchanged for money or other gifts.

There are many other sites that reward you for answering these survey questions.

4. Start a blog

Blogs just like youtube channels have become another way of making money.

There are many types of blogs you can start but it is always good to have a specific field(niche) you target in order to grow your following.

For more on starting a blog, we have a full post on how you can start a blog from scratch.

5. Open an E-commerce store

The Internet has become everything nowadays. many shops are now fully online and you too can put yours online.

By starting an e-commerce store, you can sell your products directly on your store.

6. Promote your skills

Are you skilled in writing, building a blog, teaching English name it? With websites like

Fiverr, you can put yourself online for people to meet you and hire you for your skills.

So if you are skilled in any field, please use that to your advantage now.

7. Make money online via referrals

With monster sites like Amazon and eBay dominating the E-commerce sites, you may not start your own products or services but promote other people’s products.

This is called affiliate marketing. You don’t need a physical store to do this. You can do it through your blog or your social media channels.

8. Work as a babysitter

If are you fond of children and enjoy being with them then becoming a babysitter may be your ideal business idea.

9. Become a tutor

There are so many apps and other online platforms seeking tutors. You can teach anything from coding to graphic editing and many more.

With platforms like VIPKID, you can apply as a teacher and let people hire you.

10. Start a pet wash business

With the extra time you have, you can wash a dog or cat for your neighbours. This type of business is amusing if you enjoy pets.

And taking pets for a walk too, you will likely charge more from their owners.

Your Turn

Those are the ways how to make money as a teenager in Uganda. There are plenty more ways how you can make money as a teenager in Uganda.

Continue searching and trying out different means until you nail down the best way you can make money.

Share with us what idea has touched you most in the comments section below.

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