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10 Best Businesses to start with little money in Uganda

10 Best Businesses to start with little money in Uganda. Are you an entrepreneur looking for a business to invest in your little money? Worry no more. I have come to your aid.

One of the reasons why many Ugandans are not their own bosses is that they don’t start or buy businesses for factors like lack of capital.

10 Best Businesses to start with little money in Uganda
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Many entrepreneurs put off the dream of starting their own business because they fear their money is not enough.

Starting a business requires money, and having lots of money can be advantageous but that shouldn’t stop you from starting a business if you have little money.

Now let’s look at the 10 businesses to start with little money in Uganda.

1) Retail Shop

Retail shops have been in Uganda for years and won’t go away any time soon. One of the best things about starting this business is the low income required.

For only 2 Million UGX one can start a retail shop. I speak this from experience because UI witnessed a person start a retail shop for only 1 Million UGX.

So if you have little money, one of the businesses to focus on should be a retail shop.

2) Blogging

Well, blogging! blogging has a mixed reaction here in Uganda. Most people here in Uganda believe that any person with a youtube channel is a blogger.

Well, that is a misconception. A real blog is like a website. Just like what you are looking at right now.

This is a blog and starting one like this requires you to at least 500,000 UGX to 1 M UGX.

For more on starting a blog, read our full article on, How to become rich in Uganda by starting a blog.

3) Boutique Business

Ugandans are fashionistas, Ugandans love trends. By starting a boutique you are assured of reaping the benefit of your efforts.

One of the businesses that have stood the trial of time is the fashion business. Fashion has been there and it will still be there in the future.

By starting a boutique, you are assured of success as long as you keep your boutique current and organized.

4) Poultry Farming

You don’t need bags of money to start a poultry farm thanks to the many chicks breeding and hatching companies in the country.

If you are stranded and looking for what to do with your little money, poultry farming is one of the options you should give a thought.

As long as you have room to keep your birds in, you are good to go with Poultry farming.

5) YouTube Channel

This is for a selected few but can still be done by anyone who has an interest and is willing to wait and work hard.

Many Ugandans have made a fortune off Youtube by posting videos and getting people to see them and subscribe to their channels.

With 20,000 followers on your YouTube channel, Youtube starts paying you money every time a person watches your video.

Now, this is not simple as it seems and getting the first 20,000 followers can take you years. But if you are willing to work hard and post viral videos it can take you months.

You can start this business with just a smartphone.

6) Sell Fresh Food

East or west, people have to eat. There is no shortcut to this and if you can readily supply people with food, you will get their money in return.

One of the most profitable small businesses to start in Uganda is selling fresh foods.

You can join a market and work from there or you can set up a food stall.

7) Start a cosmetic shop

Next to selling fresh foods is the beauty world. Cosmetics are among the best-performing business sectors in Uganda.

The rate of success of a cosmetic shop in Uganda is 70 % out of 100%.

This is possible because most Ugandans like looking good and they will spend every shilling to make their bodies look classic.

A cosmetic shop just like any other business thrives on a busy street.

On starting up a cosmetic shop, you need to determine the types of cosmetics to put in your shop according to your market.

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A cosmetic shop has lotions, perfumes, roll-ons, body jellies and much more.

8) Start a small Electronics Shop

As a developing country, electricity is nearly reaching the whole of Uganda. These places with electricity require electrical gadgets like TVs, Radio, Hoofers and much more.

The places that are still to get electricity supply to require solar services like solar panels.

Depending on your location, starting an electronic shop that supplies any of the required services can be the next financial break you need.

With 2 Million Uganda shillings, anyone can start up an electronics shop business and make some pretty money for himself.

All you need to make it in this business is to stock your shop well with what your customers want.

You can sell anything from electrical products, solar products and also gadgets like computers, phones, tablets and much more.

The size of your electronics shop will increase with time and with your increased customer base. But if run well, this is a very profitable business to start in Uganda.

9) Start a repair shop

Next to starting an electronics shop is starting a repair shop. You can repair anything from mobile devices to woofers, TVs and many more.

Apart from paying rent and buying a few machines and tools, there is not much investment needed for this particular business.

However, you need to be well equipped with repairing skills in order to be good at this business.

So if you fancy yourself as a repairer, why not give this business a shot?

You must offer good services at the start to gain customers’ trust, but still, after gaining their trust, keep offering good services to maintain them in other ways they will run away from you.

10) Start a video and Music Library.

Last but not least among the 10 best businesses to start with little money in Uganda is starting a video and music library.

The entertainment industry is on the raise in Uganda. Among the entertainment means that Ugandan enjoy are watching movies and music.

With 2 Million Uganda shillings you have enough capital to start up for yourself a Video library. A video library is a shop that lends out or sells movies and music to its customers.

There is a video library on almost every street in Uganda today. Now, this should not demoralise you if you are planning on starting a video library.

Rather it should encourage you after knowing that there is already made market for your business.

Keeping your Video library current with new movies and music is ideal if you are to profit well in this business and build a strong customer base.

Your Turn…

Becoming an entrepreneur is every Ugandan’s aim. Many have been put off their dream due to a lack of capital.

But money should not stop you from starting your own business.

Read This: How to get money to start any business in Uganda.

But if you have little capital, then those are the 10 best businesses to start in Uganda. Talk to me in the comments section below.

What has been your favourite business idea?

21 thoughts on “10 Best Businesses to start with little money in Uganda”

  1. thanks for the business ideas,i my self ventured into the electronics business although i still need more to inject in it but it really has the potential to grow irespective of the location. it is all about network connection.

  2. R u my friend in Uganda? Am planning to come from Ethiopia. All the lists are very attractive and full, hard to choose? But I will and have to choose one and hope to be successful.

  3. Am mugagga james white….after campus with my small savings….i decided to start a video and music library where i also do some graphics designings , software issues, stationary works , games ……and its picking slowly……. Seems to become more bigger to employ more people……within its first year……

  4. Thanks my dia,I wanted to start a boutique but rent is very high, thinking of going to small markets but no business, iam totally confused please help, I have only one million.


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