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How to start a popcorn business in Uganda

How to start a popcorn business in Uganda. Almost everyone loves popcorn. It would be possible to earn some money if you start your own business in Uganda.

Ugandans love popcorn since the 16th century. Starting a business is not that hard as long as you know what you’re doing.

How to start a popcorn business in Uganda

Are you planning to start a popcorn business? That is great. This wholesome snack is a lucrative multi-billion dollar business.

To help you start your popcorn business with ease, I have compiled a list of information you need to start your popcorn business in Uganda today.

So let us see the steps you can follow to start your snack business today.

1. Choose the Type of Popcorn Business

What type of popcorn business do you plan to run? will you be selling popcorn locally using a cart on the street? or you will pop and pack the popcorn out of your home?

Do you need to decide what type of popcorn business you will do?

You need to start a popcorn business that will be easy and affordable for you while also meeting your customers’ needs and demands.

To properly come up with the most suitable popcorn business type you need to carry out research.

Take time and research the targeted market area. Ask yourself according to the research results what business type will best serve your cause.

The type of popcorn business you use should be easily accessible by your customers (meet your customers’ needs)

2. Raise Capital

The next step is raising startup capital. You need capital to start your popcorn business. If you saved your money, you can use it to start your popcorn business.

There are many ways how you can raise capital from getting a bank loan to asking friends and family to help you out. You can check out more about raising startup capital from our post.

How to raise Startup Capital for Your Business in Uganda

You need startup capital of 800,000 UGX to 2 Million UGX to startup a popcorn business in Uganda.

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3. Find a suitable Location

Popcorn business is a location-based business. A better location more sales and the opposite is true. You need to find a location where your business will be found.

This location needs to be accessible by a big mass of people for you to really benefit from this snacks business.

Locating your business along busy streets like in markets, near schools or any other busy place will add a big advantage to your business.

If possible, you can hire someone to search for you a suitable location for your business.

Don’t be in dirty places and also places that are not safe, customers will fear coming to your shop/cart/stall because of where it is located.

If you are to use a room, you need to hire one that is safe. One that will keep the equipment you used safely from theft and environmental damage.

4. Buy Equipment

There is little equipment used in the popcorn business. They are;

  • Popcorn popper
  • Popcorn Display Carts
  • Popcorn Merchandisers
  • Caramel Corn Cooker Mixer
  • Cheese Corn Tumbler Coaters

In addition to equipment, you need to purchase cooking oil, Popcorn kernels(raw popcorn) and flavourings.

You may not need all the above-mentioned equipment for your popcorn business. Buy equipment depending on the type of popcorn business you are starting.

5. Get Licenses

In order for you to operate a recognised business in Uganda, you need a license. You will get your trading license from your local town council.

These licenses will help you run your business with a settled mind not worrying about your business being shut down by law enforcers.

You can personally visit the offices of your local town council and apply for a licence or wait for them to come to your business and ask them to give you a trading license.

Start Your Business

After going through all this, you are now free to start popping some corn. The advice I can give you is you need to start. Whether you have all I have mentioned above or not, just start.

Don’t wait for all things to become perfect in order for you to start. You may never start. So you need to start with the little you have.

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If you have found a place where customers can reach you, you have a popper, and you can get cooking oil and popcorn kernels, start your business.

Advertise Your Business

Next, you need to promote your business. You do this by advertising it to your targetted customers.

You can advertise through many means from radio to Tv to newspapers and much more. For more on how to promote your business in Uganda, we have a full article.

How to Promote Your Business in Uganda

When advertising, choose a method that you feel will efficiently reach all your customers.

Also in addition to advertising, provide quality products and services, so that your current customers will call other people to support you as well.

Your Turn…

That is all that is required to start a popcorn business in Uganda. 

If you feel you need more info on how to start a popcorn business in Uganda, talk to me directly through our Contact Us Form.

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