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Top reasons why customers are not buying from you in Uganda

Top reasons why customers are not buying from you in Uganda.

Have you ever wondered why you don’t sell your products as efficiently as you want yet your competitors sell all their products with ease and high efficiency?

Stocking your shop with much merchandise does not guarantee that customers will buy them, neither does stocking little mean you will not make a loss.

Worried Boss

Successfully making a sale to a customer is a process that involves more than one, two or three steps. It involves you more than that and today we are looking at those ways.

We are going to look at the reasons why customers are not buying from you and how you can change that.

You will see why your competitors make many sales and how you can cope up with them.

Let’s go, let us look at the major call them the top reasons why customers are not buying from you and ways to change that.

People don’t know about your products.

How do you expect people to support you if they don’t know what you are selling?

There is a reason why companies and businesses invest a big sum of money in adverts and marketing.

Your biggest focus as a business owner should be to promote your business as far as you can and as much as you can.

The other problem with business owners especially retailers is a poor display of their merchandise.

A customer should not ask you if you have a certain type of product is it already in your shop.

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They should be able to see all you have to sell easily and directly. To display your products properly for your customers to see and arrange in a more important format.

A more important format means you arrange your products in a way where your major products come fast and the other minor products come later.

Your Pricing is way too high

Why should I buy a costly perfume if I can get it somewhere else at a cheaper price? Put your self in your customer’s position while determining prices for your customers.

Customers want a product or products that have maximum value and minimum cost.

What I mean here is customers look want to pay as less as they can on any product or service they are acquiring.

So check your competitor’s pricing and revise yours accordingly. Don’t put your prices too low to out-compete other businesses because you may make a loss.

Rather price your products and services at a price affordable to your targeted customers. Let your customers buy their products at an affordable cost.

Your products and services are substandard

Are you selling quality products?

Customers want quality over quantity. In fact, most customers are willing to pay more for the quality you give them.

If you have fake products in your shop, or your services are not working like the way you promote them and promise your customers that they will, you are doing a disservice to yourself.

Stock original products and also give quality services.

Don’t bing counterfeit products in your shop with the aim of making quick profits because you will end up losing all your customers.

Improve the customer care you give to your customers and they will appreciate that by committing themselves to your business alone.

You don’t convince customers well enough to buy

Sometimes you may have all the good products, good price and all your services are standard but your salespeople may not be as good or as convincing as necessary.

What customers like is how they feel when they are at your place. Customers buy feelings and if you give them time and explain to them the products you are selling and how they work, they can more than readily support you.

reasons why customers are not buying from you
You don’t Convince your customers

Customers appreciate the care and the time you give them. Learn how to treat your customers well and you will never lose a customer.

Teach your salespeople how to talk to customers, how to demonstrate products functionality to your customers and how to finalize a deal.

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You Positioned Your Business in a Wrong Place

Last but not least on top reasons why customers are not buying from you in Uganda is positioning your business in the wrong place.

There is no need for opening a swimming suit shop in the middle of the Sahara desert.

This may seem like an obvious point for business owners to see but many business owners do not think about their potential customers when opening up the businesses.

Instead of carrying out market research about the place where they expect to start up their businesses, most entrepreneurs just start up their businesses without thinking about the absence or presence of their potential customers.

So if you are facing a similar challenge, the easiest solution is to change your products and services to much your business location or take your current business to a place that has customers who need your products.

Your Turn…

There are many reasons why customers are not buying from you in Uganda but those are the major ones.

If you feel we have left a major reason out, put it in the comment section below and we shall surely add it on the list.

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