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Small Business Ideas For Small Towns In Uganda

Small business ideas for small towns in Uganda. Uganda has very many small towns which are still developing.

As an entrepreneur staying in one of these towns, this is your chance to start a business that will grow with the town.

Small Business Ideas For Small Towns In Uganda
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Small towns offer a large market for almost all business types. So you do not have to start a specific type of business only, No.

You can start up any business and it will surely succeed.

Below I have made researched the 10 most profitable small business ideas for small towns in Uganda.

1. Restaurants

Dinner, lunch, or any of the two, a restaurant is all about providing people with the food they want, but don’t already have.

People prefer restaurants because they can easily and readily get food at any time.

With a good setup restaurant in a busy small town, you are surely going to make a lot of money from it.  

In most small towns here in Uganda, you can start a farm-to-table restaurant where you can easily farm what you will cook.

If you are not able to farm, you can still buy food and cook for your customers.

Restaurants are supposed to be clean all time and organized to attract more customers. 

Customer care and the quality of food you prepare will determine a lot about the potential success of your small business.

2. Automotive Repair Shop or Garage

In almost all small towns in Uganda, you will find people with cars and motorbikes. The presence of cars means there is a need for maintenance of those cars once they break down.

This is where you come in as an entrepreneur and startup of an automotive repair shop.

Cars break down everywhere and most small towns here in Uganda lack quality automotive repair shops so the car owners are forced to pay much to take their cars to bigger towns to be repaired.

As an entrepreneur, you can fill this gap by starting up a garage and ease life for the locals with broken-down cars.

3. IT and Computer Services

There is no business or individual here in Uganda who does not need technical support.

No matter the size of the town be it small or big, there will always be people using technology and having a problem or two with technology.

Your role as a problem solver is to look at ways how you can meet the needs of these people and the best way to meet their needs is by starting up an IT and Computer services centre.

If you are planning to start up this business in your small town, you need to put in more effort in advertising your business, since most people don’t know they need this service until they meet you and you solve their problem which they never knew they had.

With IT and Computer services, you can teach computer programs like secretarial services, programming, and graphic designing or you can fix the WIFI of your neighbours or physically repair broken down computers.

All these different business ideas can be done in your IT and Computer Services shop.

4. Salon or Barbershop

There are many salons that dominate in small towns and there is a big reason why it is like this. At least everyone goes to the salon once every two weeks.

As an entrepreneur looking for a small business idea for small towns in Uganda, consider starting a salon.

Chances are, your town has at least one or more salons, but that should not discourage you but encourage you to be more creative in your salon.

If salons are many, you may specialize in a specific niche salon that caters for a given group of people.

For example, you may make a female salon that plains hair or a men’s salon that trims hair.

To become successful in the salon business, you must have good customer care and keep your place tidy.

5. Gas Station

Starting up a gas station is one of the best small business ideas to think about if planning for a small town.

Gas stations are so helpful to the communities where they are located so starting one should not scare you as you ask yourself whether you will have a market available for you.

They(gas stations) are absolutely essential in our communities where most people rely on cars and trucks for transportation.

Gas stations thrive more in small towns located on or near major highways where much traffic gets to pass through that town.

6. Drugstore

A drugstore or pharmacy is a must-start small business idea that is not only successful but also essential.

As a business owner, you will be required to do some work of hiring pharmacists, buying insurance, hiring the place for the pharmacy and much more in order to start up a drugstore.

This business may be perfect for the already trained pharmacists or those already involved in the medical section of those small towns.

The pharmacy business is full of competition, especially from big Drugstore companies.

However, in a small town, chances are high that you will be the only one starting up a pharmacy in your area.

The other good thing about pharmacies is profitability.

Pharmacies are profitable even if you face completion from other pharmacies, you will still be able to make money in your Pharmacy.

7. Fitness Studio or Gym

People are now learning the purpose of fitness for their health.

Are you a fitness trainer or you are just interested in keeping your body fit? you can start up a fitness studio in your small town and call upon other like-minded people to join your gym.

You will be charging the membership fee to any person that joins your gym for training.

Odds are high that currently where you are there are people who also want to keep their bodies fit.

So if you are a fitness entrepreneur looking for a business to start, look at a fitness Studio business idea.

 8. Floral Shop

Flowers have no special day or event.

They can be used on graduations, birthdays, funerals or even Valentine’s Day.

If you currently lack a floral shop in your town, then starting up a floral shop business may be the idea you are waiting for.

Starting up a successful floral shop business may require you to learn some skills like how to source and arrange the flowers.

This business however doesn’t require expensive machinery, long days, or a large amount of staff to manage.

9. Nail Salon and Spa

Cosmetics and beauty have no other substitute here in Uganda.

If you are good at pedicures and manicures, starting up a Nail and Spa business may be the key to your financial success.

Nail Salon and Spa are one of the small business ideas for small towns in Uganda.

Starting up a Nail Salon and Spa requires little startup capital.

This business is so successful and the majority of your customers will always be women.

This business thrives most in busy places and also in some ceremonial seasons like graduations, weddings and birthday parties.

You may need more labour for this type of business since you will be having many customers coming into your shop.

10. Hardware Store

Starting a hardware shop business can meet many different needs in your society from construction material supplies to paint supplies and gardening tools supplies.

Hardware business is good for those with a love for fixing things or building.

Hardware store businesses are so essential for every small town.

So if your town currently does not have hardware in your small town, you can look at starting up one in your area today.

You can make a specialized Hardware Shop that deals in specialized materials like hardware that specialized in construction materials only, or you can make hardware that generalizes everything and sells almost everything.

The choice is yours as an entrepreneur.

Your Turn…

Here we come to the end of our small business ideas for small towns in Uganda.

If you live in any small town here in Uganda and are looking for a business idea, I hope this list has got you covered.

As you know, it is very hard for one head to exhaust all good small business ideas.

Now if you feel there is an idea I have left out without talking about, jot it down in the comments section below and I will immediately add it.

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