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How to promote your business in Uganda

How to promote your business in Uganda. Are you a business owner looking for a way to boost sales?

There are many ways you can improve your sales and one of them is p[romotng your business.

How to promote your business in Uganda

By promoting your business, you put it out there for your potential customers to find and this can greatly increase your business sales.

Today, we are looking at the means of how you can promote your business. Let’s start.

1) Make A Radio Advert

Radio adverts are good and cheap for businesses that are targeting local markets because radios basically cover a small range of an area.

This is by far the most used means of promoting businesses here in Uganda and almost all businesses use it whether small or big.

Charges charged when you want to place your advert on a radio depend on the radio station you are placing your advert on and also the period your advert will stay playing on that radio.

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Money can range from 2,000,000 Ugx to 150,000 Ugx depending on the popularity of the radio. So you as a business owner can decide where you want to advertise from.

But popular radio stations with millions of listeners may charge you much to advertise for you but I say it is worth it.

Popular radios have a wide range of listeners which in turn means your business name and products will be heard by many people who can turn into your customers.

So as a Tip of advice, aim for the most popular radios to promote your business in Uganda. They will spread your business name to a multitude of people.

2)Set Up a Google My Business Account

Google does much more than just being a search engine. If used properly, it can help you promote your business in Uganda online freely.

Setting up A Google My Business account will provide 3 major advantages for your business.

  • Your business will be is listed on Google maps and search with your address shown too.
  • People looking for your products or services will easily find you on Google with your address attached too.
  • When your business provides good service and customers start rating your business on Google My Business, these reviews help Google display your business in their “3-pack”, giving you free advertising on Google at no cost.

Your Google My Business listing is the baseline for all your online citations and listing, and it’s important that every listing matches your Google My Business listing, particularly when it comes to your three primary pieces of information, known as Name, Address & Phone Number.

Press the button below to set up a Google My Business account for your business.

Setup a Google My Business Account Now

3) Make a TV Advert

In addition to radio adverts, you can also make a video advert and play it on TV stations.

This type of advertising goes to very large areas as compared to radio adverts and as you may already know, a TV advert is quite pricy depending on which TV station you place your advert on.

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But one thing to know is advertising on Tv will surely push your business name out there in the nation and it can even go international.

You need a good video editor to make your business the video advert and it needs to portray well what your business is about.

4) Make a Newspaper Advert

In addition to using Radio and TV, you can use Newspapers to promote your business in Uganda as well. Newspapers target mostly corporate people.

Newspaper advertising is good for businesses that have placed discounts on their products and they want to show their customers their new prices.

If you are just starting out, I would not encourage you to advertise using this type of advertising because few people read newspapers here in Uganda.

You can however use the radio and even TV advertisements.

However, if your business is already stable and you already have a base of customers, you can use newspapers as another way of reaching your customers.

5) Start a Facebook Page

You can’t talk about advertising without talking about Facebook. Facebook has become more than just a social media network for people to chat, it has become a marketing agency.

Millions of businesses testify about the help Facebook has given them in promoting their businesses. Facebook if used well can help your business to reach millions of customers.

Facebook aside, any social media platform can be used to promote your business.

Your Turn…

Those are the easy ways how you can start promoting your business today.

What way has caught you most? Share with us in the comments section below.

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