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How to generate small business ideas in Uganda

How to generate small business ideas in Uganda. Let us look at the different ways you can get your small business idea in Uganda today.

Can you start up your small business if you have no startup ideas? This answer is no. Uganda is still a fertile place to start up your own business today.

Let us look at the different fields and call them categories if you will from which you can generate your small business ideas.

Below are the different business categories from which one can generate his small business idea.

  • Tech-related category
  • Factory related category
  • Medical-related category

Let us look at each one of them in detail.

Technology has taken over the world. No one can deny that 98% of the world has internet access.

What does this mean to the tech wiz entrepreneur? It means it is time to provide a solution via the internet and all services and products that require technology.

If you have any marketable skills like web designing, graphic designing, SaaS programming, and other technology-related knowledge.

You can start up a profitable business today by providing services related to your profession and area of expertise.

There is a high demand for tech-related small businesses in Uganda today. You Generate small business ideas in Uganda in 2020 and some include;

Printing and photocopying services

Internet cafe (internet provision)

Photo editing and Video production

Graphic Designing

And many others

Use the increased internet supply and many cheap advertising agencies to provide your services to your customers today.

With just a simple website, you are able to provide services to as many people in the whole world as you want.

Start up a tech-related small business today and you will be able to succeed if you offer a solution to people’s problems.

Factories have been around for years. Many factories are still being built today to serve the ever-increasing demands of customers.

With the right requirements and resources, anyone can successfully set up a factory today.

Uganda still has a huge virgin market in factory-related small businesses. This is majorly due to the lack of education for all Ugandans.

Even up now some Ugandans know you need a bachelor’s degree or PhD to start up a factory.

Although starting up a factory-related small business is not an easy task and it needs large amounts of money to startup everyone with the right education and guidance can startup a factory-related small business in Uganda in 2020.

Factory-related small business ideas include;

Manufacturing of yoghurt

Manufacturing of soft herbal drinks like “Mukama nayamba herbal drink”

Manufacturing lotions and jellies

And many others.

A point to note however is conducting market research. Make proper market research before starting up a factory because the last thing you want is to build a factory in the wrong place.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a scare for all of us. It has highlighted the reason why medical services are much needed in our communities today.

Medical service centres have been around in Uganda for many years and they continue to be even more valuable today in our current times.

If you are a medical professional or just an interested businessman or woman, the medical field has a lot of financial success potential.

Businesses that can be started in the medical field are plenty.

Medical-related businesses were majorly run by medical officers in recent years but today even non-medical personnel can startup a medical business. They include;

Beginning a clinic

Coming up with a herbal shop

Starting up a drug shop

And many others

The best thing about medical centres is they are life-saving in nature. Everyone is potentially your customer.

Aim to serve your customers to their level best and you will surely see success in your business.

Your Turn…

There are many categories in which one can start up a business. The major aim of starting a business is to serve customers’ needs never forget that.

As long as your end goal is making other people’s lives better and simpler, you are ready to start up any business.

In case I have forgotten any business idea category, please put it down in the comment section below and I will add it to the business categories above.

Explore all the different ways how you can meet people’s needs and you will have a business idea in waiting.

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