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Business ideas in Uganda after Covid 19

Business ideas in Uganda after Covid 19. What are they?

Covid 19 has hit the business world in Uganda so much that we have all been flattened. Many businesses have been closed and many are still closing.

As the government has, at last, lifted the lockdown measures on businesses and left us to work, many of us are left wondering what profitable business idea one can start.

Business ideas in Uganda after Covid 19

The best business to start after this covid 19 lockdown is one that will not need too much startup capital since many people are left with no money after the lockdown.

The second quality is that the businesses should be easy to be started by anyone without much need for expertise to startup.

With that in mind, We at Infant Entrepreneur have embarked on a journey to find out 9 business ideas in Uganda that one can start after this Covid 19 Pandemic.

1. Farming

Though this may not come as a surprise to most of us, farming is indeed the backbone of Uganda.

How would we have survived all those months of Covid 19 lockdown without the food supply we had?

The government saw it fit that it decides to purchase food from the food stores and farms to feed the natives of Uganda.

If you have land, some manpower and not bothering getting yourself dirty, then farming can be a profitable business idea. Farming can give you and your family a stable income.

Almost all food in Uganda has a ready market and even if you do animal farming, you will still make money because the animal farm products today have a ready market too.

The whole world is looking for food. So why not become a farmer today and also taste the cash that comes with farming?

2. Start Up a Small Hotel

In addition to farming, there comes another necessity of man and that is eating. Not all places have food and not all Ugandans like farming and cooking.

If you provide your neighbours with quality food at an affordable price, you will make fortunes in the pearl of Africa.

If you are looking for business ideas in Uganda after Covid 19, also consider starting up a small hotel.

First of all, it is cheap to start up and also it is highly profitable if it gets customers.

Uganda is blessed with people of high appetite and if you are still wondering if your business will be successful, take a spoiler from me yes it will be successful.

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3. Start quarrying

Uganda has many road construction projects going on in the country today.

With quarrying, you can make a fortune not only from the road constructors but also from people building houses.

Quarrying is the process of removing rocks, sand, gravel and other minerals from the ground for construction pur[oses and other purposes.

You can quarry sand, rocks or gravel and make yourself money in Uganda today. You need the energy to do this job though and you need to be patient and okay with working long hours.

This business idea, however, is profitable and if you are thinking of a business idea to start in Uganda after Covid 19, consider quarrying.

4. Lay Bricks

About the quarrying business idea, you can start Bricklaying as one of the business ideas to start in Uganda after covid 19.

This business requires little if any startup capital and it yields profits successfully. You need land, water supply and also firewood to burn the charcoal.

Bricks have a ready market and they are so profitable. A brick is currently at 70 Ugx per brick.

If you make around 100 to 200 bricks a day, then nothing can stop you from becoming financially independent.

5. Become a personal trainer

Covid 19 has resulted in many students going back home. If you are a teacher and also stuck at home, use this chance to become a personal trainer.

Your work as a personal trainer is to educate students or students. Commonly known as coaching, personal training is profitable for both the teachers and the students.

If you are talented in teaching, not only education but any other skill like computer programming, certificate design, stationary management, graphic designing and much more, you can start up your business as a personal trainer and train all people for a cost.

The way you arrange your business depends on what you are supplying and teaching bout. You do not need much capital to start this business.

6. Startup a shoe repair service

Shoe repairs commonly known as cobblers are very essential people in our society today. Not many of us can afford to buy new pairs of shoes every time, so we find the services of cobblers so helpful.

If you are technically trained to repair torn shoes, then you have a business idea to start here in Uganda after this Covid 19 pandemic.

You just have to position yourself strategically to get as many clients as possible.

Cobblers make some good money for themselves. If you can modernise the already available cobbler business, and have 2 to 3 cobblers working at the same time and in the same location rather than having only one of them working, you will make a fortune out of this business.

7. Start a general merchandise shop

General merchandise shops are those shops that have almost all merchandise in their shops and they sell almost everything.

These shops are easy to start and with little startup capital, you can start one too.

Though majorly stocked with edible stuff and home-use products, you can decide to stock your shop according to your location.

General merchandise shops are profitable but after some time cause, the profits come to thousands and hundreds.

So you have to do this business long term to come up with the required profits.

8. Become a housemaid

With most business people going back to their businesses, there is a high demand for people to stay at their homes to look after their children and their homes too.

If you are looking for a business idea after Covid 19 in Uganda, then consider being a maid.

You can look for jobs via word of mouth as in” I Am looking for a job being a maid. Do you know anyone who needs my services?” or you read the newspapers because some families advertise in the papers.

Being a successful maid needs patience, love for your job and humility because honestly speaking most maids are not treated well.

So you need to be humble when planning to become a maid.

9. Startup a blog

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, most workers have started working from home and also many people are staying at home nowadays.

A blog is an online website where you share your expertise with your audience through writing posts like how-to guides and in turn, you get views commonly known as traffic.

With blogging, after getting a large following of people who read what you write about and also like, share and comment, you can start selling the advertising space of your website to advertising agencies.

Here is a full guide for you How to start a blog in Uganda and make real money

If you have quality content on your blog and have many people coming to your blog most time, you are likely to make at least 200,000 Ugx per month from your blog.

One thing to note, however, starting a successful blog just like any either business is not a one-day event, it takes time, patience and mostly persistence.

If you are skilled in anything, you surely can start up a blog about your field of expertise, monetise it and make a living out of it.

Though it takes time to make some income from blogging, if done persistently, you can generate some good money for yourself.

Your Turn…

Those are some of the many business ideas one can start in Uganda after covid 19. What business do you intend to start?

Share with us your idea in the comments section below.

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