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10 Home Based Businesses you can start in Uganda

10 home-based businesses you can start in Uganda. Home-based businesses in Uganda are growing in number slowly but surely.

What are these home-based businesses? Home-based businesses are simply those businesses that one can do without leaving his home.

10 Home Based Businesses you can start in Uganda

If you are a Ugandan and contemplating starting a business in your home, yes you can do business in your home and if you are still asking how possible it is, this post will surely answer you

Home-based jobs are good to start due to the freedom you have when you run your own business in your home and also the flexibility to do more than one business at a time.

Well if you are convinced that starting up a home business is what you really want, below is a list of 10 home-based businesses you can start in Uganda.

1) Take Photos

Photography has gone to another level recently. Taking photos has never been easier than today when anyone with either a smartphone or a camera can take a quality picture and print them out.

With so many opportunities available for photographers these days, there won’t be a shortage of platforms where you can sell your images

To start up a photography business, you need some skills and talent, and also some equipment like a good camera, a tripod stand, lenses camera bag and many others.

So starting up a photography business can be one of the home-based businesses you can start in Uganda.

For more on the equipment needed to start up a photography business, here is a link

2) Sell Online

Online selling is the act of putting either your products or service on an online platform like a website and then allowing other people to buy them.

This business works internationally as long as someone can access your products, they can do business with you.

There are many online companies where you can easily sell your products and service in the comfort of your home. The most common online retailer company is eBay and Amazon.

If you have books to sell, courses, phones, clothes, computers or any other thing, you can sell it on eBay or Amazon.

You simply have to open up an account with eBay, Amazon and many other online market platforms for free and add the products you intend to sell, and as soon as a customer picks interest in your product, he will contact you or he will pay.

One thing to remember here is these online platforms are not entirely free.

When you sell a product, there is always a commission that is deducted from your sales. It may range from 1% to 5% of your income.

3) Tailoring

You do not need an office to become a tailor. Tailoring can be done anywhere and in any place.

Are you skilled at designing, cutting, and sewing clothes? you can start a tailoring business in your home.

As a tailor, you are responsible for making a variety of custom-made outer garments including capes, cloaks, coats, doublets, and breeches.

If you want to start this business but have no idea what to do, you can learn whilst work with a master tailor.

There are also college courses in fashion and textiles in institutes like the YMCA that can teach you some of the skills you’ll need.

After acquiring the required skills in tailoring, starting up a tailoring business at your home can be one of the 10 home-based businesses you can start at home in Uganda.

4) Tutoring

Are you skilled in anything be it cooking, musical instrument playing or dancing? you can make a living off your skills.

By starting up an online business in your home you can teach other people either in your home or online.

With youtube available for free, you can make a youtube channel where you can practically teach your students from all over the world and make money out of it too.

So if you are interested in tutoring people from all over the world, you can create a personal website and upload your tutorials or you can open up a free account with the already available online course websites like Udemy and start teaching your students from there.

5) Start a Baking Business

Bread is a necessity in almost all homes today. If you decide to start up a baking business at home, you can supply bread to your neighbours, supermarkets and also to individual buyers.

With ovens becoming cheap and cheaper, you can find a good oven to use for baking, and also buy the other necessities required to make bread for example baking powder, cooking oil and many others.

After setting up a bakery in your home, you can comfortably start producing bakery products and make yourself a right in your home.

6) Do Graphic Designing

Are you skilled in graphic design? if yes, then staying at home and making a living out of your designs can work out fine.

There is a large demand for website designers, graphic designers and many other software programmers

With a laptop and access to the internet, you can launch your business right in the seating room of your home.

Though you need to be experienced in this field to truly make a living out of it, it is fun to make money doing what you know and love.

7) Start a Blog

Blogging is simply writing about what you know or are interested in “niche” online.

Running a blog is more like running a website, the only difference between a blog and a website is blogs are updated often which is not the case for websites.

You can open up a blog by getting a domain name first, then a hosting plan.

You may be required to pay some money for a domain name but some Domain Host like BlueHost allows you to do it for nothing.

Bloggers make money and some big blogs earn millions of money per month but after some time of course.

So if you are interested in starting up a blog, here is a full guide for you Starting Up A Blog

8) Teach Other People Computers

Many Ugandans are moving are becoming computer literate, but not all. Some people do not have the money to take a computer training course at a university or institute so they resort to finding a computer literate to teach them.

If you are already skilled in some marketable computer skills like Secretarial services such as typing editing and printing or Graphic designing, you can talk to these people in need of the skills you already know and agree upon a fee in order for you to teach them.

Though you may not charge as high as a university charges for the same knowledge you will provide, you will still be able to make some good money for yourself too.

9) Start a Home Daycare

Are you okay with tending to young children all day long? then starting up a daycare business can be the right business for you.

Many parents are busy during day time, hence they will pay dearly and wholeheartedly to anyone willing to take care of their children during day time.

You can organize a special room in your time where you can take care of children during day time and earn yourself a living working right in your home.

10) Make Crafts

Last but not least is crafts making. You don’t need an office to make crafts.

InYouan make crafts anywhere in your house be it the sitting room, bedroom, dining room or guest room.

Crafts have an already made market and as you stay longer in this business, you tend to get a loyal following from your customers.

Making crafts requires some different tools which may include among others “Textiles like threads, yarn”, Markers like crayons and many more.

For More on Crafts Necessities Follow This Link

Your Turn…

Those are the 10 Home Based Businesses you can start in Uganda.

What Business idea has caught your attention most? Share with us in the comments section below.

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