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5 Best Piggy Banks For Kids in Uganda (Piggy Banks that will inspire your kid to save more)

5 best piggy banks for kids in Uganda.

I am excited to bring this to you. No matter what you are saving for whether tuition, starting a business or paying off a debt, we all know that saving is good.

There is no better age to train the mind to save than when it is at a young age. By giving our children gifts like piggy banks, we train them to save.

5 Best Piggy Banks For Kids in Uganda

Little children love fun and with a piggy bank, a child saves money just for fun at first but later they get into the spirit of saving.

As we all know, on the road to financial freedom, one needs to attain the spirit of saving and if you train your children to develop this spirit, it couldn’t be any better.

Today, I have taken the time to handpick the 5 Best Piggy Banks for kids in Uganda that you can buy for your kid from the wide Jumia market.

A special gift like a piggy bank will help your child learn money-saving early in his/her life.

I have placed a link to the Jumia marketplace for all these 5 best piggy banks for kids. 

If you are interested in any of them, press the button below entitled “see pricing”.

Let’s dive in;

1) Treasure Chest Wooden Piggy Bank

The treasure wooden piggy bank is a vintage saving wooden treasure box. With this piggy bank, you will help your kid develop a good habit of financial management. It is durable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It can be placed on your office table.

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2) Hello Kitty Saving Piggy Bank

Hello Kitty saving piggy bank is a cute white piggy bank that is perfect for a female kid. It is cute in appearance and so attractive for both adults and kids. You can put it on an office table or a home table. It is durable and light to carry. This Hello Kitty Piggy Bank is for coins only.

3) House Piggy Bank

The house piggy bank is a beautiful blue Piggy Bank. Works with coins only. It comes in many colours from pink to blue so you can choose any colour that your kid likes. It is light and portable. It is attractive and it will inspire your kid to save those coins of his/hers.

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4) Ceramic Piggy Bank

The Ceramic Piggy Bank is beautiful. It is in the original shape of a cartoon piggy. It is made for coins and it is easy to remove the coins from it. It comes in many colours (White, Green, Pink). It is beautiful for any kid and yours will like it too.

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5) Electronic Piggy Bank

The electronic piggy bank is rectangular and it comes with a safe vault which you can lock with a four-digit password. You can put in both coins and notes. It is well-protected and strong enough. It has a large space inside it, you can store a lot of money in it.

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Your Turn…

Those are the 5 best piggy banks for kids in Uganda. Give your kid a special gift this year.

Remember Jumia delivers all the things to you before you pay them a single coin.

Do you have your favourite piggy bank that’s not listed here? add it in the comment section below and we shall add it to the list.

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