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10 Businesses you can start in Uganda for free

10 Businesses you can start in Uganda for free.

Starting a business is every entrepreneur’s dream, but most times startup capital has stopped many entrepreneurs from starting their own businesses.

Most entrepreneurs come up with very good business ideas, but they are limited by a lack of startup capital.

10 Businesses you can start in Uganda for free

Though there are many ways how people can raise startup capital for starting a business or ways how one can start up any business even if he/she doesn’t have enough startup capital, many entrepreneurs don’t use these ways and they end up without starting any business.

Today, I have handpicked 10 businesses you can start in Uganda for free.

These businesses make money, but they don’t require you to invest a dime in them, though they require your time, commitment and hard work.

It is everyone’s birthright to become rich and as we know it, “it is the risk-takers that make it most in life“. Now let us look at the 10 businesses you can start in Uganda with no money.

1) Research

By research I mean you can use your God-given talent of researching to make yourself a living.

There are many people and organisations here in Uganda that employ researchers just to carry out research for them on some studies they are covering.

If you know you are skilled enough in researching, you can start earning by contacting people in need of researchers.

In fact, you can even advertise on Radio, TV or paper asking anyone in need of your services to contact you.

This business is profitable though it is tiresome as well. But one thing is for sure, if you carry out your research in time and you do it well too, you will get more clients for your business as well.

2) Blogging

Do you currently have a blog or any website? if you do, you already have a business that can make you millions of money per month.

Yes, you read that right, blogs like this one have the ability to make plenty of money through advertising, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

Starting a blog is not completely free, but if you use the methods we talked about in “How to start any business without capital“, you can start your blog in no time.

Guides on how to start a blog are all over the internet, but if you want my help, I can help you too on starting your blog.

Blogs make money majorly from their traffic. By traffic, I mean people who come tread your blog.

The more people visit your blog, the more your chances of earning are.

With many advertising agencies available on market, It is no wonder that people quit other businesses and become full-time bloggers.

You don’t need any money to monetize your blog and start earning.

All you need to make your blog successful is to write valuable information.

Press the button below to talk to me if you want to start your own blog too.

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3) Take Surveys

Survey questions are easy to answer online questions where the person is paid for answering these questions.

These questions are normally questions about products, and services and even general questions like questions about the weather.

Survey questions are normally sponsored by companies that want to get feedback from people about the products and services they make.

This feedback is useful to the company that makes those products because the feedback from customers can be sued to adjust and improve products and services.

The survey question websites are paid for by big companies like Google, Nike, Apple and many more to make survey questions that are easy to answer for the customer or any person to answer.

The survey question sites in turn award you with either money that you can receive via PayPal or you get gifts like coupons and many more.

Survey questions are easy to answer and they normally take 5-10 minutes to answer.

Survey questions want a real response from customers so you can be brutal and answer how you truly feel about a product or service.

You don’t have to be cautious about your answer whether it is right or wrong.

Survey questions don’t look for right or wrong answers, they want honest answers from people.

So if you have time, you can spend some time and answer some questions on these survey sites.

Swagbucks is one of the Top notch survey sites that awards you $5 just for signing up. You earn more money the more survey questions you answer.

Swagbucks is a legit survey site, you earn FREE $5 just for signing up, you can also earn more money by playing Games, Watching Videos and much more fun.

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The other common Survey site that gives you decent money is Surveyeah.

All you need to start earning is an account.

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4) Train People

There are many people in need of skills and knowledge. If you are the source of information, you can make money off your knowledge.

By training people, you can make yourself a living. Training can be done in three ways;

  • Physical teaching. Face to face
  • Making tutorial videos (YouTube)
  • Online teaching (Skype, Zoom)

Are you a teacher at home, don’t sit on your skills. Look for children to train, or advertise and start teaching people for money.

There are many websites that employ people to teach students from all over the world.

If you can’t do it here in Uganda, maybe you can do it abroad too. Check out these websites for more information.

To succeed in this type of business, you need to be good at what you are teaching. It is competitive and Google almost has all the information in the world.

For a person to give you his/her money you need to prove your worth.

5) Resume building

Maybe you have worked as a hiring manager for some time, and you know exactly what employers are looking for.

You also have a great eye for detail (and I mean great—no mistakes allowed here!).

Maybe you have built resumes and they have all been accepted without a second thought.

If so, starting a resume builder business can be the right choice for you.

There are multiple ways you could approach this; some resume builders edit your already written documents, while others will build an entire document for a considerably larger fee and time expenditure.

What you choose among the two will depend on your skills and preference, but both are viable options for 10 businesses you can start in Uganda for free.

6) Farming

If you have a love for getting your hands dirty, you should consider starting a farming business.

If you have basic digging, pruning, and mulching skills, you’ll likely find that starting a farming business is possible.

Farming has been known as the backbone of Uganda and it can’t be any truer. Anyone can start a farming business.

You can farm on your land or hire land for farming. Well, farming is not completely free, but still, the cost needed to start this business is really small.

With farming, you can make decent money while doing what you enjoy.

7) House or office cleaning

Cleaning businesses are incredibly appealing because they require little money to start.

Actually starting a cleaning business essentially comes down to the cost of cleaning materials alone. Not only that, but you can guarantee that cleaning services will always be in demand.

There are many people looking for cleaners. With an address where people will find you if, in need of your service, you will surely be on your way to financial success.

8) Sewing business

If you’re a skilled designer or someone with a desire to learn, you may want to consider starting a sewing or alterations business.

In sewing, you make your designs while in alterations you work on already-made designs.

In the sewing business, startup costs are low or none, provided that you already have a sewing machine and the necessary skills.

For more on starting a sewing business, Read: How to start a sewing business in Uganda. Sewing is one of the best businesses you can start because you earn while doing what you love.

Sewing business makes our list of the 10 businesses to start in Uganda for free.

9) Stone Quarrying

Well, this business is not completely free to start but you need a few pieces of equipment like spades, hammers, mallets, and chisels.

But pieces of equipment still don’t require much money to buy.

The other part of the business requires stones which are naturally available.

You may need to get a license to operate this business.

If you do it well, you can even get contracts from construction companies, and road makers and even you can quarry stones for your own use.

There is no basic skill needed in this business only commitment and patience. However, it may involve heavy work like moving stones.

10) Sell Online

When I talk about selling online, I don’t mean starting your own website.

Yes, you can sell online using your own blog or website, but there is another way that is even easier and faster to start than using your own website.

It is better to sell products using your own website because you get 100% of the sale but the challenge is in promoting your website so that customers can see what you are selling.

You may not have the money to carry out SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to promote your website so your customers see what you are selling.

This is where e-commerce websites come in. These are websites that act like markets whereby they allow you to sell your products on their platforms for a small fee which you pay after selling your product.

They don’t ask for any money from you before you make any sales.

E-commerce websites have plenty of money to carry out SEO. They have millions of people accessing them every day.

By placing your products on one of these websites, you are assured that you will easily get someone interested in buying what you are offering.

You don’t need to start these websites or manage them, there are people already doing all the hard work for you.

All you need is to register and start selling your products on their platforms.

The only catch with these online markets is you have to give them some percentage of every sale you make on their website.

It is usually 3% or 4%. But this is little compared to what these websites do for you.

They do all the marketing for you.

They promote your products for free, host your products online for free and much more.

The websites include the following. All You need is to register and start selling your products for FREE!

1) Jiji Uganda

2) eBay

3) Amazon

4) Etsy

All those webiste can be used to sell your products while you are asleep.

Now you may need to have a good camera or you can use your smartphone to take pictures of the products that you will upload on these platforms.

You also require a laptop or phone and internet access to fully do this business.

Your Turn…

Those are the 10 businesses you can start in Uganda for free.

There are other businesses that one can start for free though I have not listed them now, I will keep updating this list so soon you will see more businesses.

Is there a business that has touched you the most? start working on it now. If you are stuck on what to do to start a business, this post may be of help;

Read: How to Start a Business in Uganda

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